Ben Mason Experience

The Honeymoon I Missed

I fell into the ocean in my tuxedo jacket
I came up for air and I looked back
It was gone, our ship was gone
Sailing toward the honeymoon I’d miss

I drowned and it was easy, I just let go and slept
I was in a dream beside you, I held you as you wept
But I was gone, I was gone
Floating through the honeymoon I’d miss

We can’t control the currents of the deep
Or the hunger of the fish who never sleep
I was swallowed and then I drifted to a beach
Bits of flesh and bone beneath a tourist’s feet
On someone’s heel I stuck like your sweet kiss
A memory of the honeymoon I missed

She washed me off and never felt me there
I went down a hotel drain as she brushed out her hair
Some other husband offered her some wine
And they stared out at the sunset like we did that time
On the honeymoon I missed

I rest in many places
On shores of drifting sand
Children find me in their sea shells
I fall into their hands
I’m in the beaks of gulls
I’m caught inside a reef
I‘m in some jar of treasures
Collected on a beach
I’m diamonds in the starlight
In drops of morning dew
I’m walking down the aisle
And waiting here for you
Waiting in the endless emptiness
On the honeymoon I missed

The child that floats inside you; she knows all of this
She draws me in each time you take a breath
She hears my song, her father’s song
Born from the honeymoon we missed

@Ben Mason 2019