Ben Mason Experience


We knew times of innocence, when Nehi Grape was sixteen cents
When we heard our fathers pray … keep the Commies far away… from Annandale
When we got our Senior rings we believed in lots of things
Our plans would never fail, ‘cause our dreams were born …in Annandale

Villa Maria, Kerlin’s Korner, Three Chefs and Star Supply
Remember that fallout shelter for sale on Columbia Pike ?
I hear a ‘69 Camaro screamin’ in the wind
The Atoms have the ball and it’s 4th and 1 again

In Annandale
We’re Atoms, we prevail
50 years still Annandale
Red and White, rock on Annandale

Mr. Connell and Coach Hardage, Mr. Finch and Mrs. Ames
Here’s to all the Angels who helped us find our way
They had no Google Maps, no screens to ask for help
They taught us from the Book of Life and let us find ourselves

In Annandale
Raise the Colors and set the sail
We cast off from Annandale
Red and White, rock on Annandale

Your girlfriend’s pretty in your father’s station wagon
Cruisin’ ‘round at Tops she heard you braggin’
You wanna take her parking on a dead end road in Burke
But at the light on Braddock she said ..Don’t be a jerk
Take me home …to Annandale

Mr. Henretty and Miss Aspinall, Captain Breightenberg and Mr. Peek
Here’s to all those Angels who helped us patiently
Through the darkness and the light, through our Heavens and our Hells
They opened up the Book of Life so we could find ourselves
In Annandale

I’ll see you at the next reunion …I wish you Happy Trails
Always and Forever, we’re Atoms… we’re Atoms

Tonight we’re coming Home… Tonight we’re Home

We knew times of innocence , when Nehi Grape was sixteen cents …
In Annandale

@Ben Mason 2019